“Change is a real thing. It’s up to you – you can do anything you want, be anyone you want to become.”

About Elliott Niezel

You’ve no doubt heard about the drug dealing or gang member pasts of the biggest names in Hip Hop music – whether their tales of violent street life and crime are 100% authentic or mostly made up for the street cred hype, it’s rarely been portrayed as something to overcome or shy away from, yet that is exactly what California-based Hip Hop artist Elliott Niezel has done.

His rocky past and violent, destructive ways aren’t a point of pride or a source of bragging for Niezel. No, his past was sad and messed up. His life was going nowhere until he did something about it, and he wants others to do what he has done – to rise above the negativity and live a better life.

“Gangs, violence, and destruction made all my musical ambitions sink to the wayside,” Niezel says. “I didn’t have any aspirations to start writing music and making records until I escaped that lifestyle, my personal addictions, and demons. I was addicted to every substance under the sun, and now I am addicted to music.”





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